Earth Guard Pest Services for Your Family and Property

Take back your home with quick, professional, affordable pest control!

Household pests want to make your home their home. But you can stop them with Earth Guard Pest’s affordable pest control services. No matter how clean you keep your home, pests will find their way in. The good news is that professional pest control services don’t have to be expensive. Earth Guard’s affordable pest control services include long-term pest management planning and emergency pest control scheduling. Our trained pest control technicians will take care of all your pest problems so that you and your family take comfort in knowing that your home is protected. Thanks to Earth Guard Pest Services, it’s easy to keep your home pest free all year long.

Let our team of trained, licensed pest control professionals determine the most cost-effective first-rate pest control solution for your family and your home. Don’t be bugged by ants, roaches, termites, silverfish, spiders, wasps, yellow jackets, rats, mice, pigeons… any insects or household pests… Earth Guard offers affordable pest control services for your home and family.

Our Pest Control Services Include:

  • integrated pest control management plan
  • traditional pest control techniques or our line of eco-friendly “green” pest management solutions
  • accurate pest control record-keeping
  • careful monitoring to prevent pest infestations
  • Affordable rates so you can keep your family safe

We offer free pest control estimates, senior discounts, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and affordable prices.

Ask About Our Discounts and our 100% Guarantee on our pest control services!

When you call for your free pest control estimate, be sure to ask about our referral program and monthly specials on pest control services. We also offer a Senior Discounts to anyone over age 65.

Your peace of mind is our top priority. If you’re not 100% satisfied with our   Pest Control Services, we’ll return and re-treat the problem at no cost to you. That’s our pest control pledge to you.

NO Contracts and NO Cancellation Fees for our Pest Control Serivces

With Earth Guard’s affordable pest control services you don’t have to sign any contracts and you don’t pay cancellation fees when you need to cancel at the last minute. With Earth Guard Pest Services you get a certified team of pest control technicians who will work with you at no extra charge to develop an integrated pest management plan. Call us when you and family want take your home back from any pest invaders and prevent others from gaining a foothold.

Earth-Friendly & Affordable Pest Control Services

As part of our commitment to protect and improve family home environments, earth-friendly, green pest control solutions are a major part of our pest control services. Earth Guard’s “green” pest management solutions enable us to safely resolve ant, roach, termite, silverfish, spider, rat, mice, pigeon, yellow jacket, ear wig, and tick infestations in and around your home best of all, with Earth Guard Pest Services, there is no additional charge to keep your home pest free the “green” way!

Our fleet of trucks is equipped with the latest pest control equipment. Combined with our commitment to earth-friendly, green chemicals, you can rely on Earth Guard Pest Control to quickly and professionally address all your pest control needs at an affordable price.

You CAN protect your home and family thanks to Earth Guard’s Affordable Family Pest Control Services.

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